The Quarry Pt.3

Work In Progress / 03 July 2022

Over the past 2 weeks I've been working a lot on reworking the composition of the quarry as a whole! There's been a lot of back and forth going on but I finally feel like I got a nice direction to go into.

Furthermore, I've also created some placeholder materials for the rocks and cliffs, as well as looked into a Z-Up shader with scaling for the rocks. The shader also is using masks to decide what material goes where (thanks to Casper Wermuth for an awesome tutorial on that!) My shader still needs some more work, as well as a rework of the textures, but it works for now!

Next up I'll be finishing the construction of the threadmill crane (something which has been really interesting to research!) and after that it's time for lighting, reworking rocks and looking into terrain!. I'll also be adding in some dust blowing around in the scene to help create more life in the scene. Speaking of life, I've added in banners and flags, trying out the Chaos cloth sim tools which come built into Unreal Engine 5. It'll be fun experimenting more with that in the future as I add more cloth in!

See you next time!