The Quarry Pt.7

Work In Progress / 27 November 2022

During the past month there's been quite a few adjustments! Minor fixes which have made quite a difference. The biggest change is in the composition, where I've added in a cave opening in the foreground to help frame the picture and add depth to the scene. Apart from this I've also made the move to Unreal Engine 5.1 and while it hasn't been problem free, the fixes to Lumen and extra control for interiors did make quite a difference between a black void and a nice framing transition once the cave was introduced.

Furthermore I also introduced parallax occlusion to my landscape material, as well as adding some pebble rocks to further sell the depth. For an extra layer of transition assistance I've also introduced RVT blending. And while it still needs some tweaking it's off to a decent start! For the pebbles I started off with one rock and spun it around in ZBrush to check how much use I could get from a single rock. Then I made another 2 to get my final 3 rocks.

Finally I decided to take a look back in time! I think it's always good to once in a while take a look at how my projects evolve over time. It really helps taking a step back and see how long I've come, rather than how long I have left.

To sum the month up I decided to make a quick and dirty first draft of how a shot for the cinematic could look! Seeing things in motion really helps picking up things that needs fixing and also helps with the immersion. And while I do have a fair amount of things left on my list, it's really coming together! Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next update!