The Quarry Pt.6

Work In Progress / 30 October 2022

After a lot of rework based on some amazing feedback (mentioned in the last post) I've gotten to a pretty good post! I also decided to dive back into composition a bit, reworking some placement, and also played around with skies a bit. Both with volumetric cloud painting, but also trying out some skybox packs from the marketplace as well. As I'm not that good of a painter by any terms I decided to just go with a pack :) Worked out pretty good, including some fog planes from the old UE Blueprint sample project and I got something real nice in the end!

There's still a fair bit to go though, including getting the RGB masks going for the props, adding the micro shapes like rubble piles and the like. I did get a lot of great feedback last week from the Beyond Extent community that I'm currently in the process of adressing as well. Furthermore, there are some technical bugs with the cloth sim, as well as lumen in combination with the light function materials I'm using to fake cloud shadows. If anyone has experience with that and how to fix it please reach out! :) (Below you can see the latest feedback I got from Beyond Extent)

It's gonna be realm fun to implement all the feedback and see what the scene will look like after these next couple of steps! See you then!