Rookie Awards 2022 Final Results!

News / 30 July 2022

With the Rookie Awards 2022 at an end I am happy to announce that I recieved an A-ranking for my entry in the Game Development category! This caps off an amazing year for me in the competition having already recieved a Finalist position along with an Excellence Award. And while I didn't make it quite all the way I am nevertheless extremely honored and grateful to stand alongside the other incredible finalists in my category.

Congratulations to all the winners, other finalists and everyone else who sent in an entry this year! Everyone have been producing amazing works of art and I couldn't be happier to be a part of the #gameart and #gamedev community. A special thank you to The Rookies for organising this as well as all the sponsors for giving students and hobbyists around the world the amazing opportunities that the competition offers.

Finally I'd like to thank The Game Assembly for being a great school throughout the last two years and I can't wait to talk more about what the future holds for me in about a month.

Also make sure to check out all the winners here!

I'm A Rookie Awards 2022 Finalist!!!

News / 09 July 2022

Hello everyone! I can happily announce that I'm a finalist in the Rookie Awards 2022 - Game Development category! I couldn't be more honored for this opportunity and would like to thank The Rookies and everyone else in the gameart and gamedev community for making this happen. A special thanks to everyone at The Game Assembly as well as my mentors Fumio Katto and Derk Elshof for all the help and support.

If you wanna help me win The People's Choice then there's a share button for Facebook in the entry page itself, with each share counting as a vote. Thanks again everyone, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results later this month! And good luck to everyone else who made it through, so much epic art this year overall in the contest!

My entry can be found here!

Rookie Awards 2021 Ranking!

News / 28 July 2021

The Rookie Awards 2021 just came to an end, and I am happy to announce that I just recieved my certificate! Not only did I manage to land a spot in the Draft Selection, but I'm also happy to say that I've managed to increase my ranking to a B from last year's C-ranking!!!

I wish to thank everyone who's helped me out, supported me throughout this past year and helped me get to where I am today and keeps pushing me forward.

Furthermore, congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups. And a big thank you to the staff and judges at The Rookies! Everyone's been pushing out awesome entries this year. I couldn't be more happy to be a part of the game art community. Here's to another year of art!

My entry:

Rookie Awards 2021

News / 24 May 2021

Hello everyone! I just sent in my submission for The Rookies' yearly contest "Rookie Awards 2021". Feel free to take a look. And good luck to everyone participating. I've seen a lot of awesome artwork already, looking forward to seeing more in the coming days!

Rookie Awards 2020 Ranking!

News / 28 July 2020

Happy news this morning as I recieved my certificate for the Rookie Awards 2020! I couldn't be more happy as it shows that I've improved and keep improving my art skills! A big thank you to the entire The Rookies community, staff and Rookie Awards 2020 judges for this!

If you missed my submission (which even made it to the Draft!) you can find it in the links below!

The Rookies:

My Reference Packs Are Now In Store!

News / 26 May 2020

I just released my first products on the Artstation Store!

So I've been taking a lot of photos to use as personal references for my own art, and decided to finally upload them to the Artstation Store! Mostly they focus on Vegetation so if you're into that, feel free to drop by the store! Thanks and I hope you enjoy them!

Falun Forest Reference Pack

Gothenburg Vegetation Reference Pack

Falun Cityscape Reference Pack