Night Street

Night Street is the second of my three portfolio projects at The Game Assembly. Based on a concept by Sergey Vasnev. I had a lot of fun deep diving into efficient production techniques this project. I'd like to thank Derk Elshof for mentoring me in the ways of materials! A big thank you as well to Fumio Katto for mentoring me during the lighting stages! I'd also like to thank Jeremy Estrellado, Scot Daniel Burns, and everyone else who's been providing me additional help and feedback! The project has taught me a whole lot about efficient workflows and reusability using midpolys, korean bevels, tilables, masks, shaders and Houdini. It's also taught me a lot about how to create shapes with lighting! Thanks for watching!

All assets were made by me apart from the Megascans trash and the Unreal Marketplace packs:
- Decal Designer
-Realistic Starter VFX Pack Vol 2
- Paragon: Drongo

Cinematic with background music by FesliyanStudios

Houdini Cable Tool

Houdini Pipe Tool

Masked Material, an RGB mask controls placement of tilable textures, including detail normals. All complete with a world pos. offset grunge mask so that no two assets look the same.

4 Texture Vertex Blend