The Quarry Pt.2

Work In Progress / 12 June 2022

Slow but steady progress is being made! I've been working at a relaxed pace now that I don't have any school related deadlines and I'm taking my time with this project, working on it as a passion project more than anything else :) Since the last update I've been getting into photoscanning for materials, as well as getting to experiment more with trimsheets thanks to the Beyond Extent solo challenge last month! As trimsheets are quite new to me I really started seeing all the pros of it, and looking forward to developing my own trimsheet further during the course of this project.

I've also gotten a bit more into rock sculpting, trying out some new techniques by Phil Stoltz using scan data to help bring out more details while at the same time doing it fast! Although it's an effective method, I need more time practising as I'm a bit rusty with my rock sculpting.

Since last time, I've also made "a few" updates to my reference board! I felt that I needed to expand it with a bit more references, both in terms of real life reference, but also art direction wise. It took a while but now it's done and I can get back to working with a much clearer idea of where I'm headed!

Finally I also went over the composition a little bit, breaking the shapes up to add more interest in the scene as well as improving the flow together with a few new shapes, guiding the eye a bit more towards the top.

That's all for this update, see you in the next one!

My Rookie Awards 2022 Entry

General / 24 May 2022

The Rookie Awards 2022

Hello everyone! I just sent in my submission for The Rookies yearly contest "Rookie Awards 2022". Feel free to take a look. And good luck to everyone participating. I've seen a lot of awesome art already. Looking forward to seeing more in the coming days!

I also want to extend a big thank you to The Rookies for organising this!

Link to my entry:

The Quarry Pt.1

Work In Progress / 18 April 2022

So over the past week I've been starting to work on something new! I had the opportunity to try out New World for a weekend and found a nice little quarry. So I got inspired to make my own! It's gonna be really fun working on a more natural environment with a big focus on sculpting, something that I've been missing a lot making the past couple of projects. This is also a chance for me to try out the full release of UE5!

I spent the easter weekend getting a quick blockout in, and got to work on some sculpts! Not only a trimsheet for the wood pieces, but also for the rocks! So far I've gotten first iteration sculpts for the smaller scatter rocks/boulders, as well as the main quarry blocks! Those are also UVed and got placeholder textures on them in engine. Later on I'll be making tilables and using a world-aligned shader to mix between the baked normal+AO maps and tilables with detail textures on top! Hopefully I'll also get some dust on top based on z-alignment :)

This project will be moving a bit slower than the previous three, as I'm working on this on my free time alone compared to when I had the ability to spend school hours. Nevertheless it's gonna give me more time to polish everything and really push myself further without stress. In the end I'll hopefully have a lil outdoor environment where you can explore a bit freely. Both in the quarry, but also in the forest that will eventually be surrounding it!

That's all for now, see you in the next update!

Night Street Pt.9

General / 03 April 2022

This week I've been focusing a lot on getting more depth into the scene, as well as making a final ground material variation in order to create a bit of orderly breakup in the ground. I also tweaked the roughness for my materials making it all look more wet, as well as looking into some water pool decals! Next week I'll be wrapping this piece up, adding some final details and getting my renders done. So next time you see this piece it'll be finished and posted!

Night Street Pt.8

Work In Progress / 26 March 2022

Not too many changes this week as I mentioned in my last post. Nevertheless I've tweaked a bit of lighting and starting planning out how to get some more depth into the scene. Looking forward to having a lot more to show next week, see you then!

Night Street Pt.7

Work In Progress / 20 March 2022

Week 7 is complete! I got the final pieces in the scene and mainly focused on lighting this past week. Now it's all about those final 20%. Thanks to a lot of great feedback I've gotten during the past week I'm ready to get to tweaking! Roughness tweaks to make the surfaces feel more wet, adding a bunch of pieces to add depth to the scene, adding chaos to the shapes, and making a couple of more variations for the ground materials. Furthermore I'll try to make some puddles!

The main idea for next week is to work on another smaller project to rest my eyes from this project and come back with fresh eyes, but like always I'll probably end up doing some tweaking here and there. Anyhow. No matter if the next update on this piece is next week or the week after that, I'll see you then!

Night Street Pt.6

Work In Progress / 13 March 2022

The majority of this past week has been down to improving the mood in the scene, slightly tweaking the lighting and adding decals and Megascans scatter assets to break up the ground! I've also like mentioned in my last post been working on some more materials! This time new metal, rust and rubber!

Furthermore I also managed to dive a bit more into Houdini to improve my pipe tool! That now has had its normals fixed and UVs added. Next up on that list is finalizing the cable tool. The main subject for next week however will be lighting. My goal is to after next week have the scene in a polish-ready state, after which I can just work on polishing everything to get it done! Bye for now!

Night Street Pt.5

Work In Progress / 07 March 2022

For the past week I've mainly been working on additional meshes. Finalizing the ones I already had as well as getting to work on some additional ones! I've also spent some time refining and expanding on the ground material, adding 2 variations which I can vertex blend in engine. Thanks to Scot Daniel Burns I learned some more about parallax occlusion and how to make it look good in engine. Huge thanks to him for helping out! Down below you'll also find some ballsy renders in Toolbag :P

I've also looked into another camera angle! Pretty happy with it but those things can always be improved! The coming week will be spent on improving the lighting, getting some decals in and overall improving the mood! I'll also spend some time looking into more material variation for the man-made objects in the scene and finalizing shaders. See you next time!

Night Street Pt.4

Work In Progress / 28 February 2022

Materials, materials, materials! There's been quite a lot of time spent in Substance Designer this week as I've been focusing on textures. Namely, tilable surfaces. A lot of different concrete surfaces, as well as broken asphalt!

The Houdini experiments continued a bit more as I was able to get my own (very basic at this point) sculpted coal piece meshes in to simulate them into a nice little rubble pile. That all baked down really nicely in Designer which I then could add color to. Definately a workflow I'll have use of in the future!

Next week is gonna have a focus on getting a lot of the final meshes in and getting that set up with masks to work with my master material :) Looking forward to it. See you then!

Night Street Pt.3

Work In Progress / 20 February 2022

For week 3 I started getting a first lighting pass in, as well as some materials! So right now I have steel and rust in. Those are then blended through masks using a secondary UV workflow to make sure that I can keep the texel density and detail while still using tilable textures. It's all still an early pipeline test, but so far everything checks out!

I've also gotten the opportunity to play around a bit more with Houdini, this time for rubble! There's still a few quirks to fix in the graph, but at least I've gotten it to bake down to a tilable height map which I can use in Designer!

Next week I'm gonna keep working on materials! The priority is gonna get my concrete in, so looking forward to that! If all goes well I'll also get to work on the proper modules! See you then!